Applications of Aluminum in Various Industries

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Do you know that 8% of the earth's crust has aluminium? Aluminium is the third most frequent element and the most abundant metal. Due to its versatility, aluminium is the second-most important metal after steel. Since the first industrial amounts of aluminium were produced 100 years ago, the demand for aluminium has increased to around 29 million metric tonnes annually around the world. Seven million metric tonnes of recycled aluminium scrap make up the remaining 22 million metric tonnes of new aluminium. With increasing demands, the competition among the aluminium suppliers and confusion among the buyers also increased. So, to make procurement easy and meet the needs of buyers from different industries, Headsup B2B emerged as a beacon of expertise and innovative solutions. We have made aluminum procurement processes easier by providing an online platform to potential buyers and aluminum suppliers.

In this blog, we’ll cover some common topics about aluminum, like its properties, applications, and how Headsup B2B is improving aluminum procurement.

Understanding Aluminum and Its Properties

Aluminium is a non-magnetic, lightweight, ductile, silvery-white, and corrosion-resistant metal. On Earth, this metal is the most plentiful. Due to its quantity and favourable qualities, aluminium is the non-ferrous metal that is produced and processed the most.

Properties of Aluminium

Here are some properties of aluminium

  • Because aluminium has a density of about one-third that of steel, it is useful in applications that call for great strength and low weight.

  • A protective oxide layer develops on the surface of aluminium metal when it comes into contact with air, giving it a corrosion-resistant property

  • Aluminium is a very efficient heat and electrical conductor.

  • Good reflector of visible light and heat.

  • It has no odour or toxicity, which makes it suitable for wrapping or packing sensitive products like food items.

  • Can be recycled

Application of Aluminium

Because of the properties of the many aluminium alloys, aluminium has great use in a wide range of sectors, including:

In Packaging

Cans made of aluminium are the most popular application of aluminium in packaging. Approximately 15% of the aluminium consumed worldwide now comes from cans.

Transport Industry

Aluminium's superior strength-to-weight ratio has made it the preferred material for aircraft building. Due to the similar qualities of aluminium, different alloys are also used in automobiles, buses & coaches, trains for passengers and freight, commercial vehicles, military vehicles, ships & boats, and a rising number of motor cars. The market for aluminium vehicle components has recently increased due to its sustainable qualities regarding corrosion resistance and recyclability.

In Marine Industry

The world's mariners now agree that aluminium is the best material for building ships.

Its exceptional qualities, such as its lightweight and rust resistance, significantly increase the efficiency of energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as lower ship weight and achieve lightweight.

In Construction

Aluminium is currently the latest technology that is used to construct large-span roof systems and housing structures in tough conditions such as coastal climates or isolated highland places. Additionally, the aluminium surface is alluring and extremely clean, which helps reduce the expense of maintenance and is used in the interior design of home and commercial spaces. Aluminium materials are a major component of making show halls, temporary courtyards, disaster relief rooms, etc.

For Decoration

Aluminium alloy ornamental lines are becoming increasingly popular in modern interior design. This ornamental strip can enhance the room's overall appearance and protect the wall in some way.

How Headsup B2B Simplifies and Streamlines the Procurement of Aluminium Through Aluminium Suppliers

We at Headsup B2B are aware of the difficulties that arise during the procurement process, particularly when dealing with a material as versatile as aluminium. As a result, we have made aluminium procurement simple for our clients with the help of our team of experts, guaranteeing a hassle-free and seamless experience from beginning to end.

A Wide Range of Channels and a Variety of Products from Reputable Aluminium Suppliers

Our role in the aluminium procurement process is varied. Firstly, we pride ourselves on offering a vast selection of aluminium products, sourced from reputable aluminium suppliers around the globe. Whether you need raw aluminium materials or special types of alloys for your specific industry, we've got you covered.

An Innovative Procurement Platform

But it's not just about the products; it's also about the process. By investing heavily in developing an innovative procurement platform and streamlined logistics channels, Headsup B2B has made it easier to place orders, track shipments, and manage their inventory.

Expert’s Assistance

Our team of professionals is always ready to provide expert assistance and guidance. Whether you're unsure about which aluminium grade suits your needs best or need advice on optimising your procurement strategy, we're here to help every step of the way.

Choose Headsup B2B for reliability, expertise, best quality, and convenience in aluminium procurement. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have experienced the difference with Headsup B2B. So, let us simplify your aluminium procurement journey today.